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Having first been a farmer and more recently a teacher of science and computers I have come to fully appreciate the usefulness of computers in everyday life - as I tell my students my laptop is like my right arm, if you took it away I would not be able nor would I want to do my job.

Since I started teaching I have used video extensively in my science and ICT (computer) lessons. Whilst doing this I have built up a knowledge of how to prepare and use video. I have also realized it's value as a media for getting a message across.

VIDEO-EDGE uses this expertise for the benefit of a wider audience.

Now that many users (69% at the latest poll) have broadband the delivery of video to peoples' computers is now a viable reality. So how better to illustrate your product, service, training, or support information. There are plenty of ways to do this and lots of software to help, but that is the problem, sorting it all out is difficult, I have learnt how to do this over the last few years, so why not take advantage of the expertise at VIDEO-EDGE and let us do it for you.

VIDEO-EDGE can produce a bespoke package to suit you needs.

  • VIDEO-EDGE can produce your web site from scratch including the video you need.
  • Or VIDEO-EDGE can produce the video and pages for your existing web master to add to your site.

Contact VIDEO-EDGE and see what we can do to enhance your product, service or web site.


Ideas for videos

Here are some of our ideas - I bet you've got lots more....

Using video to promote the key points of your products is just like being alongside your potential customers as they watch the real thing in action - and you can get closer than Health and Safety will ever allow!

Steve Gray at Renovations says “We put up different videos and photos every few months to keep things fresh,” Gray says. “I didn't want to pump a bunch of money into the Web site and then just let it be.”

Film and video is an increasingly valuable tool:

  • Produce a modern instruction manual on DVD instead of, or as well as, a printed brochure;

  • If quality is your watchword then demonstrate it in full colour, just as it happens;

  • Provide an On-line guided tour of your premises - your hotel or pub/restaurant; your welcoming Reception; the confidential research and design facilities; your production line and servicing area; and your on-time delivery to a grateful customer.

3 Easy Steps

In 7 days and 4 simple steps you could be using video.....

Download the Free Video-Edge Interactive Video Story board Planner - just contact us and we will send you details of how to download and get started planning your video - click here for download

This Interactive Planner gets you started on the 4 simple steps needed to put you on your web site
1. PLAN your video - Use the Free Video Edge Interactive Video Story board Planner- click here for download
2. FILM - We come and film your video.
3. EDIT - We edit and show you our results.
4. REVIEW - re-edit if necessary then publish on Web Site and / or DVD All within 7 days.....
We aim to do this within 7 days of completing the filming.
Step 1 Take the first step by contacting us - VIDEO-EDGE ENQUIRY

Quick Prices

What will it cost - not as much as you might think....

Generally 2 hours filming edited for an Online Web Video and a DVD will range from £800-£1000
See the detailed Products n Prices page for more information on VIDEO PRICES OR Give us a call on 07811296713 to discuss your needs and budget.

We can also produce or re-design your web site at a price that will not just meet your budget, but keep the accountant or Financial Director happy..

Again see Products n Prices pages for a more detailed WEB DESIGN guide or give us a call on 07811296713.